Should You Build or Buy a Cluster of Single Board Computers?

My 4-node Raspberry Pi Cluster. (📷: Alasdair Allan)
The Idein PiZero Cluster board. (📷: Idein)
PINE64 SoPine Cluster Board. (📷: CNXSoft)
The Pico 5, a 5-node Raspberry Pi cluster in a box. (📷: Picocluster)
The Cluster HAT. (📷: Pimoroni)
Blockchain Signaling System for a distributed DDoS defense. (📷: Bruno Rodrigues)




Scientist, Author, Hacker, Maker, and Journalist.

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Alasdair Allan

Alasdair Allan

Scientist, Author, Hacker, Maker, and Journalist.

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