New Hardware From PINE64

The Pinebook Pro

The Pinebook Pro. (📷: PINE64)

The PinePhone Development Kit

The PinePhone. (📷: PINE64)
The internals of the PinePhone. (📷: PINE64)

The PineTab

The PineTab. (📷: PINE64)

The Cube

The “Cube,” an open source IP camera. (📷: PINE64)

The Pine H64 Model B

The new Pine H64, Model B. (📷: PINE64)

The Rock64 Revision 3

The “original” Rock64 board. (📷: Dave Potts/Pine64 IRC Channel)

Wrapping Up

That’s a lot of new products to announce in one go. Over the last year or two we’ve seen the Raspberry Pi form factor starting to become a defacto standard for single-board computers, much like Adafruit’s Feather has for micro-controllers, and while they’ve only made minor revisions to their existing SBC hardware—the new Rock64 board—it’s interesting to see PINE64 converge their SBC line towards a single footprint with the update to the Pine H64, and for that footprint to be the Raspberry Pi.



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