First Look at the SeeedStudio ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT

Alasdair Allan
2 min readJun 4, 2017

If you missed out on picking up one of Google’s AIY Projects voice kits that were bundled free with last month’s issue of the MagPi Magazine, you might be interested in the new SeeedStudio ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT.

SeeedStudio ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT.

The new Mic HAT has dual microphones with far-field support (up to 3m), as well as two audio output sockets — a standard 3.5mm audio jack, as well as a JST2.0 speaker out connector. The onboard Cirrus WM8960 chip provides a stereo codec that will provide 1 W per channel into 8 Ω loads.

The board also has 2 Grove connectors—supporting both GPIO and I2C—and a user programmable button and three LEDs.

The 2-Mics Pi HAT connects using the normal Raspberry Pi 40-Pin header and is compatible with all of the more recent Raspberry Pi boards, including the Pi Zero W. It costs just $9.90.

The top (left) and bottom (right) sides of the SeeedStudio MIC HAT board. (📷: SeeedStudio)

Since the SeeedStudio ReSpeaker along with the optional ReSpeaker Mic Array provide far-field microphone support, will set you back $148, the price point of the new board is attractive. If you want to get started with voice automation projects this new board looks like an amazing place to begin.

As is normal with a SeeedStudio board these days, there are full instructions on how to get started with the board, getting it up and running either with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service or Google’s Voice Assistant.

The SeeedStudio ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT is now available for pre-order, and expected to ship by the end of the June.