Building a Water-Powered CubeSat

Prototype CubeSat with FEMTA water thrusters held by graduate student Katherine Fowee. (📷: Purdue University)
Maiden launch of the Rocket Labs Electron small satellite launcher. (📷: Rocket Labs USA)
CubeSat with 3D-printed prototype FEMTA water thrusters. (📷: Purdue University)
Cross sectional diagram of the FEMTA thruster in action. I📷: Purdue University)
Talking to Craig Kief and Brian Zufelt from COSMIAC at the SmallSat conference in 2015. (📹: Alasdair Allan/Small Orbits)
Partially deconstructed test satellite, the Adafruit Powerboost 1000 is visible front. (📷: Purdue University)
The model was tested in Purdue’s High Vacuum Facility’s large vacuum chamber. (📷: Purdue University)
A CubeSat propulsion system using water as propellant. (📹: Purdue Engineering)



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Alasdair Allan

Alasdair Allan

Scientist, Author, Hacker, Maker, and Journalist.