Announcing the Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard and Mouse

Alasdair Allan
3 min readMar 13, 2019


The Raspberry Pi has had an official power supply and case for a while now. However if you wanted a keyboard or mouse to go with your Raspberry Pi, you had to make do with something from a third party that didn’t match the case.

Today that changed, with the arrival of the Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse.

The new official Raspberry Pi keyboard. (📷: Raspberry Pi)

We got a sneak peak at the new keyboard and mouse a month ago with the opening of the Raspberry Pi retail store in Cambridge, U.K., but the two new accessories were only available to buy in the store.

The official keyboard an mouse in the Raspberry Pi Retail Store in Cambridge. (📷: The MagPi)

While there doesn’t seem to be an official announcement from Raspberry Pi about the launch, or at least not yet, in my inbox this morning was an email from the Pi Hut telling me that they existed and were shipping soon.

The keyboard has three built-in USB 2.0 type-A ports at the rear for powering other peripherals, like the official mouse, and is itself powered by USB via a micro-USB socket in the rear.

Rear view of the Raspberry Pi keyboard. (📷: Raspberry Pi)

While the Pi Hut is only stocking the 79-key keyboard in a U.K. layout, sources indicate that the keyboard will also ship in U.S., German, French, Italian, and Spanish layouts.

The new official Raspberry Pi mouse. (📷: Raspberry Pi)

The mouse is a standard wired three-button optical mouse with a scroll wheel that can be plugged into the back of the keyboard to keep your desk a bit tidier.

Both they keyboard and the mouse are available in red/white to match the official case, although sources indicate that a black/grey version teased on the Pi Hut page today is “estimated to be available in 4 weeks.”

So now with a colour coordinated case, keyboard, and mouse, I guess all we need now is a similar case for the official Raspberry Pi Touch Display and we have a proper desktop computer on our hands?

The keyboard is priced at £15.60, and the mouse at £7.30, or you can pick a combo package for £22 from the Pi Hut and presumably other retailers soon. Both the keyboard and the mouse are available to pre-order today, and will ship at the end of the week, on March 15th.