A Feather Board From Seeed Studio

Alasdair Allan
2 min readAug 7, 2019

It’s now pretty obvious that with Arduino in the process of abandoning their “classic” form factor that has for some years now been the standard, in favour of something more modern, the community seems instead to be adopting Adafruit’s Feather as the next standard. Nothing said it more than the arrival of a SparkFun Feather board back in March.

Yesterday, Seeed Studio joined them with the new Wio Lite W600.

The Wio Lite W600 board from Seeed Studio. (📷: Seeed Studio)

The Wio Lite W600 board is built around the same Microchip SAM D21 Arm Cortex-M0+ used by the Arduino Zero, alongside with it is a WinnerMicro W600, an Arm Cortex-M3 which provides 2.4GHz WiFi support for the board.

The W600 is packaged inside an RF shielded module we’ve seen used before in other Seeed Studio boards, and comes FCC and CE pre-certified. However, while the W600 is potential competitor for the Espressif ESP8266, it looks like here it’s just used as a serial to Wi-Fi bridge. The processor’s other capabilities is not accessible to the user.

Instead the board breaks out pins from the SAM D21 providing six analog, and 14 digital pins operating at 3.3V, along with one UART, on I2C, and one ICSP port. The board can be powered via the onboard USB C jack, or a 3.5 — 4.2V LiPo battery.

Seeed Studio says that this board is, “…the first product in this series.” Since we’ve seen other board with the W600 module before, that suggests that we should look out for more Feather-compatible boards from them in the near future.

The Wio Lite W600 is now available and costs $9.90 plus shipping.