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Scientist, Author, Hacker, Maker, and Journalist.

Or, how to copy and paste from StackOverflow for fun and profit!

The Antikythera Mechanism. Bronze Gallery, National Archaeological Museum of Greece, Athens. (📷: Gary Todd)

“The word for all this is a ‘mature programming environment.’…

“Privacy was never dead, it just went away for a while…”

Talking on the keynote stage on the first day of QCon London 2020. (📷: Danilo Teodoro)

Is legislation now the only solution?

Talking in the round on the stage at FWD50 on the 7th November 2019. (📷: FWD50 Conference Team)

A Linux-based smartwatch from PINE64

An actual PineTime ‘body.’ (📷: Pine64)

The new BeagleBone AI. (📷:

ESP32-S2 Beta-DevKitC V1.1 on my desk. (📷: Alasdair Allan)

Making Intelligent Insights at the Edge

Talking on the “The Demise of Big Data” at the TechExeter conference in Exeter in September 2019. (📹: TechExeter)

An x86-based single-board computer for just $39?

The new Rock Pi X. (📷: Radxa)

Image of the Mediterranean acquired by SSTL’s DoT-1 satellite on August 19, 2019. (📷: SSTL)

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